Friday, July 6, 2018

The King Creates - Week 2

HOT, Extremely HOT!  That is how this week began.  Yet, the kids still begged to play gaga ball!  I definitely have some die hard gaga ball players in my clubs.  Instead of gaga ball, I had brought my Lego bag for the kids to play with after they completed the craft. Yes, I did promise the gaga pit will be back next week!

This week's the kids got to create their very own water bottle terrarium.  It was A LOT easier than last week's craft.  A huge thank you to my dad and my aunt Lilly for letting me take all their baby "Hens and Chicks" and for Donna T for giving me all those little cute bears.  The terrariums really got cute.   I got thumbs up from the boys for this craft.

After our theme song, we are learning our Bible Verses by singing them.  This week's Bible Verse, Hebrews 11:3, is sung to the tune of "Farmer in the Dell".  Many of the motions that we use are actually American Sign Language signs for the different words.  To help us review this week's Bible Verse, I had a choir director's wand (a dowel rod with ribbons attached).  If the director held the wand high, then the kids had to speak loudly.  If the director held the wand low, then the kids had to speak softly.  If the director waved the wand in a circle, then the kids had to speak fast.  If the director, held his hand palm out, then the kids stopped speaking.  I had many very good directors in the different clubs.

The Bible lesson was taken from Genesis 1:1-2:3.  We discovered that not only did God create "Heavens and the Earth", but He made it beautiful, organized and down right AMAZING!  With the creation of light, God gave us colors - and not just one color, but lots of colors.  When God created the sky/atmosphere on day 2, He set up the water cycle.  On day 3 as God created the land and plants, He also created a way to clean the air we breath.  We looked out how putting the sun and moon in the sky gave us days, years and months.  On day 5, God created the birds, like the eagle which He gave incredible eye sight, and the sea creatures, like the clown fish which He gave the ability to produce a skin protectant that keeps it safe while it swims among the sea amomen.  We saw the vast collection of land animals God created on day 6:  pigs, dinosaurs, spiders, frogs, lions, ants, giraffes, cows, snakes, dogs, etc.  Then we looked at God's final creation: US!  It was only mankind that God created in His image (male and female).  We are like God in our ability to think, plan, and create.  We can have relationships with others and Him.  Finally, we are made to worship (love someone/thing with our entire being).  God deserves our worship because He is the Creator King!  

Then we gave thanks to God for creating water that we can drink on these HOT, HOT days and for giving us Watermelon (S Annville Group), Cherries (Jonestown Group), Cupcakes (Campbelltown Group), and Crackers (Newmanstown Group).  Now it was SNACK Time!

Finally, we concluded our club with some water relays/games.  It felt so good to get wet, even on Friday, when it rained during club! 

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