Friday, July 20, 2018

Approaching the King (Week 4)

Week 4 began with the kids signing in at the registration table and then heading over the the craft area to make sheep.  We had white sheep and red sheep, rainbow colored sheep and stripped sheep.  Each one turned out very cute.  This was a fairly easy craft.  The kids just had to attach the legs (clothespins) to the body and begin to wrap yarn around and around.  Some of the boys couldn't warp fast enough since they wanted to play gaga ball instead of make a sheep.  One boy did ask if we were going to study about the Lost Sheep!  I was excited to know that some of the kids were beginning to make the connection between the craft and the Bible lesson. After the kids are finished with their craft, they can go to the Lego bag or the gaga pit. 

Our Bible Memory Verse this week is Hebrews 9:22.  We played an activity called "Add-a -Word".  I split the kids into three groups.  The first group said, "Hebrews".  The next group said, "Hebrews 9."  The third group said, "Hebrews 9:22".  This continued until the whole verse was said.  

Our Bible Lesson was taken from Genesis 4.  Here Cain and Abel both tried to approach God.  Cain brought fruits and vegetables to offer to God, while Abel brought a lamb.  God accepted Abel's gift because Abel came the right way.  The kids learned that there is a right way to approach God - through a blood sacrifice.  For many, many years, you would have to bring an animal sacrifice to have your sins forgiven so that you could approach God.  But when Jesus died, he became that final sacrifice (1 Peter 3:18).  Thought who believe in Jesus (and his sacrifice) will be forgiven, but those who reject Jesus will not.  God rejected Cain's offering, but encouraged Cain to try again - God's way not his way.  Unfortunately, Cain refused to do what was right.  Instead, his pride, turned to anger, which turned to jealousy, which turned to hatred and finally he murdered his brother Abel.  Letting sin go unchecked grown until it controls you.  
Then it was snack time!  Monday morning, we had these delicious whoopie pies.  And of course water for everyone.  I always bring a bunch of character cups that the kids can choose to borrow for the morning.  
For games, we run relays using pool noodles. I had to tweak a few relays due to the wind blowing the noodles away.  Overall, we had a lot of fun.  See all the smiles!  

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