Thursday, August 8, 2019

BBC 2019: Joseph, the Ruler

This was the last week of BBC.  Where did the summer go?  The kids arrived, signed in and said their memory verses.  Thirty-one (31) out of 66 kids could quote all seven verses!  WAY TO GO KIDS! 

Then they made personalized bowls.  This turned out to be an easy craft for me and for them.  We used two different methods: paint and permanent marker.  It turns out the permanent marker was the easiest.  I had already had put name stickers on their bowls.  All they had to do was with the paint/markers make lots of dots around and on their names.  Then we pulled off the stickers and PRESTO. . . their names appeared in white.  To make the bowls dishwasher proof, they will need to bake the bowls @ 350*F for 30 minutes.  Then they must let the oven cool before removing the bowls. 

This week they had their final chance of playing gaga ball, building with Legoes and playing with the plastic animals.  In Jonestown, we also played a GIANT pass the Pig game. 

The kids hardily sang the Bible verse songs.  Leviticus 19:11 and 1 Peter 5:6-7 were the favorites.  Two kids each club location took part in the bubble challenge.  We discovered that my gum was very, very hard.  I guess being in a hot van most of the summer made it hard.  But with a lot of chewing, the kids finally could blow a bubble.  We then talked about how some people are like bubbles.  They are all puffed up (prideful).  We looked at Proverbs 16:18 that tells us "pride brings destruction."  They told me the being humble is the opposite of pride.  So we looked up 1 Peter 5:6-7 to see what humbleness brings.  To practice this verse,  seven kids has a chance to use my Nerf gun to hit a target.  If they missed the target, everyone had to say the verse.  If they hit the outer ring, we said the verse in a whisper.   If they hit the middle ring, we said the verse in a normal volume.  If they hit the bull's eye, we shouted the verse.  No one was able to hit the bull's eye!  They told me I need a new Nerf gun! 

We finished learning about Joseph.  We were amazed at how he was able to totally forgive his mean brothers.  We not only forgave them, but also invited them to move to Egypt so that he could take care of them!  The brothers then had a choice would they accept Joseph's offer or reject it.  In the same way, God makes us an offer.  He tells us if we accept his forgiveness by believing that Jesus paid our sin debt, then he will give us a mansion in heaven.  What will you do with God's offer?  Will you accept it or reject it? 

For our review game, we played Benjamin's Bag.  Each kid got a question to answer.  If they answered it correctly, they got to pull a coin out of Benjamin's Bag.  If they pulled out a gold colored coin, they received 1 Bible Buck.  If they pulled out at blue colored coin, they received 10 Bible bucks.  Everyone got a turn. 

Then for group games we played pool noodle relays!  My one helper laughed and laughed as he watched the kids play.  After the relays I allowed the kids to sword fight with the pool noodles. 

Then club was over and the kids could spend their Bible bucks at the club store. 

Thursday, August 1, 2019

BBC 2019: Joseph, Slave & Prisoner

We had another great week at BBC!  The kids are really learning their Bible Verses!  Out of the 70 kids who came this week, 22 could quote all 7 verses.  Many others could quote at least 5.  My personal goal for the kids is that by the last week, everyone can at least quote 1 verse. 

This week, we made Senet games from DVD cases I got from the public library.  The kids decorated four throwing sticks.  B from Newmanstown did an amazing job with her sticks.  They also glued beads together to make 10 playing pieces.  I hope they enjoy teaching their parents and friends how to play this game.  Instead of the Lego bag, I brought the Animal bag.  Some of my groups were getting tired of Legoes.  It was fun to see what they did with the animals.  I had two boys who quickly separated the insects from the other animals.  The girls tended to play with the cats and horses.  The other activity they could do during this time was Four Square in the Air. 

During Bible Time, we talked about who is good.  I laughed when two of the younger kids from Campbelltown told me their older siblings were good.  One group insisted I was good!  Then we looked at what God's Word had to say about this subject.  Romans 3:12 and Mark 10:18 shows us that No one is truly good all the time, except God.  Then 1 Cor. 15:2-3 and 2 Cor. 5:21 tells us that Jesus took our sin when he died on the cross to not only forgive our sins but to make us right (good)  in God's eyes.  Finally, we looked at Romans 10:13.  Here we discovered that it is only those who believe in Jesus (and what He did on the cross) that can be saved (made right). 

The Bible Verse challenged focused on not giving up.  Two kids were each given a bottle of water which they had to raise over their head and then drop them down for 50 times  (100 for the other kids).  The other kids counted for them.  This group of kids really showed endurance.  You could see that some were struggling to make 50 but they were determined not to give up.  This tied into Hebrews 10:23, where the writer is challenges us to not give up our hope that God will do what He said He will do: welcome all those who believe in Jesus into heaven. 

The Bible Lesson focused on Joseph as his time as a slave & prisoner (Genesis 39-41).  I told the lesson using figure cut outs.  The kids learned to say NO (and some times run away) when they are temped to do sin.  They also learned that God is with them during the good and bad times. 

We played the review game using a large SENET board.  This game me a chance to teach them the game of senet so that when they take their craft home, they can play it with others.  It also helped me see how much they remembered from the Bible Lesson.  Since all the groups were disappointed to not finish the game, I was a success. 

We finished the club with WATER GAMES.  Their favorite game is still Drip, Drip, Drop! 

Thursday, July 25, 2019

BBC 2019: Joseph, Favorite Son

Here is week 5 in review:

The kids made a simple string (Joseph) puppet for craft this week.  It was fun seeing which yarn the children chose to make their puppets.  We did have some difficulty keeping some puppets from doing a headstand.  I finally solved the problem by running the puppet string through the clothing.  Still the kids seemed to enjoy the craft.

This week's Bible verse was Matthew 5:44.  I used a 2 person reader's theater skit to introduce the verse. The kids really are enjoying performing before their peers.  To practice the verse, a child chose a crazy card.  Whatever action the card said, is what we need to do while saying the verse.  
The Bible Lesson was taken from Genesis 37.  As the kids learned about Joseph and his brothers, they also saw how jealous can get WAY out of control.  We learned that when we are jealous we should. . . 1. Stop and Pray.  We need to ask God to help us not be jealous.  2.  Think.  We need to list all the things, talents, etc that God had given us.  3.  Love.  We need to show love to the person we are jealous of.  

After snack time, we played different versions of gaga ball:  Mayhem, Defender and Team Gaga.  My favorite is Defender, but Jonestown group voted for Team Gaga.  We also played Mennonite Madness with three of the groups.  In Newmanstown, I split the groups into a older and younger group to play.  It was funny to watch.  The older group, yelled, jumped, and just made a whole lot of noise while they played.  The younger group could hardly focus on their game because they were so curious over the older kids game.  

Then for our Bible review game, we played Joseph's Coat ZAP!  This was a fun game.  If you answer the question correctly, you team got 2,000 points AND you got to take a coat off the line  (you had to do what the coat said).  Some coats had the kids sing the Bible verse.  Other coats had them ZAP their score down to 0.  Other coats said to switch points or add/subtract points from their score.  It seems just when one team was getting WAY ahead, they would be ZAP! 

This past week's Contest was an art contest:  Draw a picture of Jacob wrestling with God.  Below are some of my favorites.  Enjoy!