Saturday, July 28, 2018

Walking with the King (Week 5)

What a week!  Rain, rain and more rain.  Monday & Tuesday clubs were inside.  I spent Wednesday & Thursday trying to clean up a wet basement.  Finally Friday, the sun came out, but oh what a hot club that turned out to be.  Still God is good.  Had 49 kids this week in spite of the rain, heat and Lebanon Fair.

We made an easy craft this week.  It was a magnet with the week's Bible Verse on it (Colossians 1:10). After craft time, they could play with Legoes.  I had two large Lego bags.  I was told the orange bag had the cooler Legoes in it.

This week lesson we looked at Cain's family and Seth's family.  Seth was born to Adam and Eve after Abel died.  The kids quickly saw that even though Cain's descendants were very skillful, they also chose to reject God.  This was a contract to many of Seth's descendants who had a relationship with God.  We focused on Enoch who walked with God and was no more because God took him.  It pleases God when we walk with him.  I shared how when we walk with someone, we often walk and talk.  The same is true when we walk with God.  It is a time of communicating with God.  Another name for walking with God is having daily devotions or quite time.  Each kid received a small Gospel of John and a devotion guide for this book of the Bible.  I challenged them to begin to have daily devotions/quite time.

Game time was interesting this week.  When we could go outside, we played with the parachute.  The kids loved popcorn and sharks & lifeguards.  On the rainy days, we played mousetrap.  We got into groups of five.  Four received a mouse (ie. close pin & yarn tail)  They places their mice on top of a yellow foam square (cheese).  The mouse catcher rolled a dice.  If it landed on a 1 or 6, then the mice had to run before the mouse catcher caught them with  the trap (ie. cool whip container).  This is a fun rainy day game.

Next week, we will play water games.  So come prepared to get WET!

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