Tuesday, July 19, 2016

God's Friend - Acts 6-7

Kids + Water = Fun, fun, fun

This week at Backyard Bible Club we played water games.  It always amazes me how it can be 90*F, yet you pour a cup of water over a kid's head and they are cold!?!  We did have a lot of fun this week.  Also every club learned the same lesson AND received the same Jerusalem Journal (God's Friend, Issue 6).  

This year the kids are learning memory verses.  Out of the 46 kids that have been in club so far this week, 29 could quote at least one verse!  In the Campbelltown group, ALL the kids this week could say at least one verse.  Way to go kids.  

This week's craft was a wordless bracelet.  This was an easier and simpler craft for the kids.  I did make the string a little long for some of the kids.  They had trouble keeping the bracelet on.  I used the bracelet as my Gospel visual.  I challenged them to tell someone about the colors of their bracelet sometime today. 

When they got finished with the bracelet, they could draw on the individual white boards.  This was a nice activity since it was so hot.  I had the kids write their names - fancy.  Some used bubble letter, calligraphy, etc.  Then I had them draw something they love doing during the summer time.  I quickly learned that swimming was a favorite activity.  I love seeing their creativity. 

During "tent time", we sang all eight of the Bible Verse songs.  This is one reason so many could quote a verse.  Somehow it is so much easier to memorize if  you put the words to music.  The kids love to sing Acts 1:8 "You will receive" by Faith Inkubators. 

This week's memory verse is Matthew 5:44 KJV.  I shared a story from Voice of the Martyr's December 2015 Newsletter about a 13 year old Nigerian boy who was able to forgive the men who attacked him and left him blind in one eye.  After discussing what the verse means we played "Clap-A-Word."  One kid had to stand behind the verse visual.  Another kid pointed to one of the words in the verse.  The entire group then said the verse, but clapped at the chosen word.  Then the kid who was standing behind the visual had to tell us what word we clapped for.  It was impressing how well the kids did since this was a very long verse.  

I used God's Witness: The Courage of Stephen by Voice of the Martyrs as my Bible lesson visual.  I don't often read a book as my Bible Lesson, but this book did such a nice job bringing out the idea that the Holy Spirit is the one who gave Stephen the courage to stand up for God even in the midst of persecution. 

After snacks, it was WATER TIME!!!!  I did a number of different water games with the different clubs.  But the all time favorite (they ask for this year after year) is Drip, Drip, Drop.  This game is a variation to Duck, Duck, Goose.  Kids sit in a circle.  One kid has a cup full of water.  As he walk around the circle, he drops a drip on each kid's head.  When he wants someone to chase him, he pours the ENTIRE cupful on the kid's head.  Then he runs around the circle in an attempt to reach the empty spot before getting tagged.  If he gets tag, his punishment is to sit still while the new "it" pours a full cup of water on his head.  Another requested water game is L,R,S.  We pass a water balloon around the circle while saying the memory verse.  Whoever is caught holding the balloon as we say the verse's address, then get to roll a dice with the letters L,R, OR S on it's side.  The letter's stand for Left, Right or Self.  Whatever letter is showing on top of the dice, that is the person who must sit while the water balloon is squeezed above their head.  The funny thing about this game is most of the time the person who is under the balloon does not get very wet.  Most of the time it is the one squeezing the balloon who gets wet. 

The review game (if we had time), was a file folder game. I made "doors" on a file folder and numbered them.  If a kid answered correctly, he got to choose a door to open.  I had positive and negative points under the different doors.  About 1/2 way through the review game, I flipped the point sheet over and closed all the doors.  On this sheet, there was no points, just give to the other team, double your points, divide your points in 1/2, etc.  It makes the game interesting as you never really know which team will win. 

We only have two more weeks of Backyard Bible Club.  Summer is flying by.  

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